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Firewood Logs - £50.00 per Bulk Bag (Mixed Hardwood and Softwood) Firewood Logs - £65.00 per Bulk Bag (Mixed Hardwoods) Larger loads are available upon request, e.g. 2 / 4 Bulk Bags (ALL LOAD SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE) FIREWOOD LOGS PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT Picture to the right shows an average one of our Bulk Bags Logs are air dried and stored in an outside barn. The average size of our split logs range from 8” - 12”.
Small Load (Woodchip Mulch) - £50.00 - 4 Cubic Metres Standard Load (Woodchip Mulch) - £100.00 - 8 Cubic Metres Large Load (Woodchip Mulch) - £200.00 - 20 Cubic Metres (LARGER LOADS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST - ALL LOAD SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE) WOODCHIP MULCH PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO VAT AT 20%
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Evening delivery from 4pm (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri) Weekend delivery all day (Sat/Sun) All loads are delivered loose & tipped near to where you wish to store them, subject to access.
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